Gonna be triple timing it for the next lil while, new layer one.
Layer 2, down 11 to go, nice light in the new studio, keep er movin
Got to take a tour of @crown_point_press earlier today. A gem of a print studio here in sf, full of masterworks. Thanks Cynthia I’ll be back for mah Bechtel ;)
New layer one baby
First full day in the new studio, in prep to get the ball rolling again, warmed up by making this dude out of moving boxes, #cardboard #cardbort
Oldie! “Modis operandi” appropriate again as always #fuckwar
Adam was here, making progress on the move
Been busy prepping to move, good day, :)
Much needed get away with my bae bae, @farylcat #Francisfordwinewine #minivacay
Hi guys, I’m having a studio sale tomorrow, from 11-4, tons of cut paper, small and large, paintings, stencil sets, spraypaint, tools, a barber chair, it’s all gotta find good homes and I heard you have one of those :)
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