Good morning brain! Today: “hum”

Good afternoon brain! Today: step by step: how to free hand cut “thug pug” somebody had asked me to do a vid, so here’s one. #stencil #art #paper #devildog #d

It’s not about what you believe, it’s what you need to do for your kids. #climatechange
Good morning brain! Today! “Things get weird when you’re waiting for paint to dry” lil 3-d mask dude, any who back to verk!
And this sewn stencil set will be shown on the 26th with @guerrerogallery for their #minimansion series “at home with” to go to the show email
"Balance" hot off the press, new lil painting,
Sprayed, “the reader”, needs some touch ups, the time to sew!#painting
Complete!! We are gonna have a spray day coming up, you excited?? I am!!!
Let’s go!! #art #stencil
Four! Keep it movin’
Layers 2 and 3 down on this guy, call it a day, until tomorrow sleep tight