Adam was here, making progress on the move
Been busy prepping to move, good day, :)
Much needed get away with my bae bae, @farylcat #Francisfordwinewine #minivacay
Hi guys, I’m having a studio sale tomorrow, from 11-4, tons of cut paper, small and large, paintings, stencil sets, spraypaint, tools, a barber chair, it’s all gotta find good homes and I heard you have one of those :)
More info? Email:

My lil video clip came out on today. I hate my voice so I did a little overdub, haahaa #49ers good start to the season! And thank you @levisstadium

Hey look a #hyperlapse, and this set is completed! Now on to a commission, then after a spray day, then after a move, keep ‘er Krispy

Seven, nice start to the day, getting stuff done, one more layer on this guy, keep moving!

Working on some concept stuff for an upcoming residency, this is called “the glass is always half something” it’s 5 layers of cut paper with light,

Just found this lil face I painted a while back, in the studio. Hey it’s @salsa_fierce hi Sara haahaaa